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Inertia Dynamics features a type FSBR015 spring applied brake with a manual release lever. The brake incorporates a lever which is rotated to mechanically engage the clapper plate. The armature plate acts against the compression springs and allows the friction disc to spin freely. The brake is then free of torque. An optional microswitch is activated on the field assembly to disconnect power to your system in case of an accidental start-up with the brake manually released. To return the brake to normal operation, the lever is rotated to re-engage the brake and produce torque.

Typical applications include wheelchairs, three-wheel carts/ scooters, and fractional horsepower motors. The brake is available with a higher static torque rating for non-dynamic braking applications where only a statically engaged parking brake is needed.

For variations on the manual release brake configuration, in support of high volume OEM applications, consult Inertia Dynamics.

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  • FSB and FSBR Series Power Off Brakes, Instruction Manual, 040-10110

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