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Spring set or electromagnetic release brakes provide braking action via springs when in the de-energized state. As the brake is energized, the load is released and allowed to rotate. 300 Series spring set brakes are of high quality and are ruggedly engineered for holding applications. Typical applications include medical equipment, robotics, packaging machinery, lifts, and motor braking. Use the torque ratings below for sizing/selection.

Product Data Sheets

  • p-7874-idi_spring-set-holding-brakes-model-303
  • p-7874-idi_spring-set-holding-brakes-model-303hq
  • p-7874-idi_spring-set-holding-brakes-model-304
  • p-7874-idi_spring-set-holding-brakes-model-305
  • p-7874-idi_spring-set-holding-brakes-model-305hq
  • p-7874-idi_spring-set-holding-brakes-model-308
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