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Moment of Inertia measurements can be taken in a matter of minutes on complex geometry and multi-material composition parts that would normally take hours of CAD design work or engineering calculations. The Inertia Dynamics Moment of Inertia Measuring Instrument is capable of measuring parts through any axis and parts with offset center of gravity. Also, our machine is not subject to errors caused by assumed densities and dimensional tolerancing. Since Moments of Inertia are critical in all rotating machinery, ballistics, projectiles, or aerospace hardware, these instruments are invaluable time-saving, cost-saving tools for design, quality assurance, and reliability engineers. These instruments are used widely as quality assurance tools to check the consistency of production parts where MOI is a critical design parameter. Inertia Dynamics offers a choice of 2 standard models for parts to 50 lbs.

Moment of Inertia Measuring Instruments operate on the principle of an inverted torsional pendulum, providing a stable platform on which to mount test parts. The instrument platform is restricted to one degree of freedom. This eliminates random motions normally present in hanging torsional pendulum measuring methods.

The test part is mounted on the instrument using a holding fixture, which is screwed to the instrument interface head (see instrument specifications for diagram). The oscillation lever is then indexed to the starting position and released. The period of oscillation and MOI is then determined and displayed by the microprocessor-based embedded controller in units of your choice. A simple press of a key allows instant conversion into any other engineering unit. At the same time, the measurement is being logged with time and date stamp for future recall.

Product Features

  • Accuracy of ±0.5% measurable MOI
  • Four-line backlit LCD display for operator prompts and data
  • Sealed membrane keypad with tactile keys for easy location and operation
  • MOI calculations and conversions performed internally
  • Offset CG calculations for parts that will not be rotated on their CG
  • Constant monitoring of repeatability of timings to assure stability and detect false readings
  • Easy-to-operate menu driven interface
  • Unit may be recalibrated in field without a PC
  • Automatic preload option for use in secure environments

Product Data Sheets

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